OfficialNasty Knuckles Podcast | Episode 32 | Sam Morin
Sam Morin

Nasty Knuckles Podcast | Episode 32 | Sam Morin

On this week’s episode of the Nasty Knuckles Outlaw Hockey Podcast, we are joined by Sam Morin. The current Flyers Defenseman was drafted in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, 1st round pick 11th overall. Nasty & Riley discuss Sam’s road to recovery after his back-to-back knee injuries, and how his philosophy on off-season training and recovery has changed as a result. Morin also describes the impact Riles coaching had on him, and that chaotic night he scored his first NHL goal. And yes, we also discuss that notable fight with Lemieux. Tune in for all the juiciest bits on this week’s episode of Nasty Knuckles.


Flyers Defenseman

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