OfficialNasty Knuckles Podcast | Episode 7 | Simon Gagne
Simon Gagne

Nasty Knuckles Podcast | Episode 7 | Simon Gagne

On this week’s episode of the Nasty Knuckles Outlaw Hockey Podcast, we are joined by Simon Gagne! Gagne was drafted 22nd overall in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft by the Flyers, where he spent 10 seasons. He has also played for Tampa Bay Lightning, the Los Angeles Kings (where he won the Stanley Cup in 2012) and finished off his career with the Boston Bruins. Gagne is still one of the biggest fan-favorites in recent memory and is considered one of the best and most productive shooters in Flyer’s history. Gagne talks about his long and successful career in Philadelphia, shares some great stories with other legendary Flyers players he came up with and details the factors behind his decision to retire. Listen to the full episode with the Flyers legend!

Philadelphia Flyers All-Star, Stanley Cup Champion, and Gold Medal Winner

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