OfficialNK Podcast Playback | Episode 51 | Bernie Parent
Nasty Knuckles Bernie Parent

NK Podcast Playback | Episode 51 | Bernie Parent


Nasty Knuckles is back with another episode of everyone’s favorite, hard-hitting outlaw hockey podcast. In this week’s episode, Nasty and Riles are joined by the legendary Philadelphia Flyers goaltender, Bernie Parent. Parent was the goalie who helped lead the Flyers to their Stanley Cup Wins in 1974 and 1975. Parent is considered one of the best goaltenders of all time and was named one of the “100 Greatest NHL Players” in history.

Left “unprotected” for the 1967 NHL Expansion Draft, the Philadelphia Flyers drafted Parent from his current team, the Boston Bruins. Even though Bernie played well during the season, the Flyers traded Parent to the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1971. His time with the Leaf’s turned out to be incredibly beneficial for Parent as he was able to join one of his childhood heroes, Jacques Plante (another legendary goaltender). With the help and guidance of Plante, Parent became a more proficient and consistent goalie. Without a contract with the Leaf’s for the 1972/73 season, Parent signed with the newly forming World Hockey Association. Still, the team did not materialize as expected, and Parent was ready to return to the NHL. He did not want to return to the Leaf’s however, so Toronto traded Parent’s player rights back to the Flyers, and the legend of Bernie Parent began. 

In 1974, the Flyers won their first Stanley Cup thanks to Parent’s game six slapshot save. The team they beat: Parent’s former team, the Boston Bruins. Parent and the Flyers continued their legendary streak and won another Stanley Cup in 1975. Again, thanks to Parent’s game six save. In 1979, Parent suffered a career-ending eye injury and retired at age 34. His career-ending eye injury and Gerry Desjardins led to many of the league goalies switching from fiberglass facemasks toward the cage and helmet style.

Parent is still seen as an iconic fan favorite in Philadelphia even though he retired forty years ago. The catchphrase “Only the Lord saves more than Bernie Parent” will remain in the hearts of Flyers Nation for many years to come. If you’re interested in learning what the NHL was like 40 years ago and how team philosophy and styles of play have changed, you should tune in to Episode #51 of the official podcast of tough guys everywhere, Nasty Knuckles. 


We won’t spoil this fun episode of the outlaw hockey podcast, but we will share a few highlights to give you an idea of what the fellas and Parent discuss. If you’ve ever wondered about the Flyers team that won the Stanley Cup in 1974 and 1975, Parent will fill you in on all the details during that Golden Age.

Get the inside scoop on Parent’s hockey career and trades, the team chemistry during that expansion period in the NHL, and what it was like playing and winning the Cup(s) with the Flyers. You won’t find this type of insight on other weekly hockey podcasts. 

You don’t want to miss this fantastic episode of Nasty Knuckles. In addition to these great topics, the fellas also bring up some fun talking points with the legendary Bernie, including:

  • The current Flyers team and what they can do to improve
  • The importance of team leadership and communication
  • How the game and the style of play has changed
  • The Flyers’ team chemistry during the Stanley Cup Wins
  • How much fate plays a role in the way things workout and the importance of following one’s’ passions

Tune in to this new and fun episode of Nasty Knuckles. Riley and Nasty bring some of the league’s best current and veteran NHL players to give hockey fans one of the best professional sports podcasts in the country.

If you're the type of podcast listener who likes to multitask, here are some of the best bits with timestamps to keep you on track.

The Best Bits:

  1. Surgery and Parent’s recovery [10:50]
  2. Parent’s biggest “catch” [15:08]
  3. Current Flyer’s team and the direction of the franchise [19:07]
  4. The importance of leadership and communication within a team [28:00]
  5. The system within the way the game is currently played [36:23]
  6. The “Stand-Up” style of goaltending [40:00]
  7. Playing 73 out of the 78 games in a season [45:50]
  8. The core team chemistry and the locker room dynamic during those Stanley Cup years [51:20]
  9. Parent’s community involvement [58:20]

Striking Quotes:

“You hear a lot of people say, “Why Me?” I’m here to say, “Why Not Me?!'”


“All of them [goaltenders] play the same style. Not 5 or 6 of them, all of them.”


“I’m employed as the Flyers goaltender instructor, but miracles I do not perform.”


“When I went to Toronto, that changed my whole life.”


“If you don’t take risks, you are going to live the same way for the rest of your life.”

Don’t miss the legend and all his insights as Parent discusses some of his most memorable NHL moments, relives his life-changing career moments, and shares a few (Ok, MANY) words of wisdom. 

Seriously, you won’t want to miss this awesome episode of Nasty Knuckles. Riley and Nasty bring incredible NHL players and hockey outsiders together to give hockey fans one of the best professional sports podcasts in the world.

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