OfficialNK Podcast Playback | Episode 52 | Joffrey Lupul
Nasty Knuckles Joffrey Lupul

NK Podcast Playback | Episode 52 | Joffrey Lupul


Nasty Knuckles is back with another episode of everyone’s favorite, hard-hitting outlaw hockey podcast. In this week’s episode, Nasty and Riles are joined by former Philadelphia Flyer, Joffrey “Lupes” Lupul. Lupul was selected 7th overall at the 2002 NHL Entry Draft by the Anaheim Ducks. Unfortunately, due to the 2004-2005 NHL lockout, he went to their AHL affiliate, the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks, for the entire season. But by his third professional season, Lupul became the first player in NHL playoff history to cap a three-goal game during the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

 After this very successful season, Lupul was traded to the Edmonton Oilers for Chris Pronger. Spending just one season with the Oilers, Lupul was traded again to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for Joni Pitkanen, Geoff Sanderson, and a third-round draft pick in 2007. Unfortunately, during his first season with the Flyers, Lupul suffered a spinal cord injury during a game collision with the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, a mere month later, Lupul made a full return to score the series-winning goal in Game 7 of the quarter-finals between the Flyers and Washington Capitals, making him a new fan favorite in Philly. 

In some strange twist of fate, the Flyers ended up trading Lupul in exchange for Chris Pronger again. Lupul finished off his NHL career with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is now part-owner of the West Village bar “Due West.” Lupul, and his party boy entourage will remain as Flyers fan favorites for the foreseeable future. If you’re interested in learning about overcoming a near career-ending injury, crazy Flyers teams nights out, and getting traded for Chris Pronger TWICE; you should tune in to Episode #52 of the official podcast of tough guys everywhere, Nasty Knuckles. 


We won’t spoil this fun episode of the outlaw hockey podcast, but we will share a few highlights to give you an idea of what the fellas and Lupes discuss in this episode. If you’ve ever wondered about the lifestyle of the all-star Flyers team during the late 2000s, Lupul will give you all the juicy inside information.

Get the behind-the-scenes look at the crazy lifestyle of young NHL players, Lupul’s time with the Flyers, and what it was like playing with Phil Kessler.

You don’t want to miss this fantastic episode of Nasty Knuckles. In addition to these great topics, the fellas and Lupul also bring up some fun stories, including:

  • The aftermath of the Flyers Alumni Game
  • Lupuls’ ongoing recovery from his spinal cord injury
  • Wild nights out with the Flyers and pre-club fights
  • His impressive scoring records
  • How coaching is now versus when he was in the league 

Tune in to this new and fun episode of Nasty Knuckles. Riley and Nasty bring some of the league’s best current and veteran NHL players to give hockey fans one of the best professional sports podcasts in the country. 

If you're the type of podcast listener who likes to multitask, here are some of the best bits with timestamps to keep you on track.

The Best Bits:

  1.  Flyers Alumni Game [9:03]
  2. What being a restauranter is like [13:00]
  3. Lupul’s party nights and fight stories [18:55]
  4. Getting traded for Pronger and his time with the Flyers [26:26]
  5. His time in Toronto [30:28]
  6. Playing with Phil Kessler [35:12]
  7. Playing in Cincinnati in the AHL during the NHL lockout [41:10]
  8. His records and his time spent in Russia and the KHL [52:06]

 Striking Quotes:

“It’s the four of us in some fight at a hot dog stand somewhere.”


“I knew he was crazy because he used to just sit in a cold tub submerged right up to his ears.”


“He’d [Phil Kessler] be like, you know what, I don’t have it tonight -you’re on your own”


“He [Sheldon Brookbank] called it a night at three fights.”


“Listen, at this place, you DO NOT leave the hotel.”


“I’m finally above the law!”

Don’t miss the Philly Flyers fan-favorite as he discusses some of his most memorable NHL moments, relives his crazy party nights, and shares some hilarious stories from the ice. Don’t miss episode #52 of Nasty Knuckles!

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