OfficialNK Podcast Playback | Episode 50 | Scottie Upshall
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NK Podcast Playback | Episode 50 | Scottie Upshall


Nasty Knuckles is back with another episode of everyone’s favorite, hard-hitting outlaw hockey podcast. In this week’s episode, Nasty and Riles are joined by fellow Flyer and podcaster Scottie “Updogg” Upshall. Upshall was drafted in the first round, sixth overall in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft by the Nashville Predators. Upshall has also played for the Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes, Columbus Blue Jackets, and St. Louis Blues. During Upshall’s time with the Flyers, he lived and played with Joffrey Lupul, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, and Scott Hartnell. As you can imagine, this group of young, rich hockey players in the prime of their lives were quite the party boys at the time. They were dubbed “The Old City Gang”. 

Also, during his time with Philadelphia Flyers, Upshall quickly became a fan favorite playing on the “Legion of Poon’ line alongside Joffrey Lupul, Mike Richards, and Jeff Carter. Before retiring in 2020, Upshall played in Switzerland’s National Hockey League for a few months. Currently, Upshall hosts the “Missin’ Curfew” Podcast with former fellow NHL players Shane O’Brien and Jimmy Hayes. If you’re interested in learning what NHL players get up to when they aren’t on the ice, you should tune in to Episode #50 of the official podcast of tough guys everywhere, Nasty Knuckles.

A Good Hockey Story: Episode #50 Highlights

We won’t spoil this fun episode of the outlaw hockey podcast, but we will share a few highlights to give you an idea of what the fellas and Upshall get into. If you’ve ever wondered about the off-rink lifestyle of NHL Players, the Updogg will provide you with a first-hand account.

Get the inside scoop on Upshall’s hockey career and trades, off the bench lifestyle while in the league, and what it was like playing for the legend himself, Wayne Gretzky. You won’t find this type of insight on other weekly hockey podcasts. 

Also, Shane “Obe” O’Brien makes a surprise appearance and shares a wild story. You don’t want to miss this fantastic episode of Nasty Knuckles. In addition to these great topics, the fellas also bring up some fun talking points with the Updogg, including:

  • Upshall’s hockey career and his time in Nashville
  • How the more senior hockey players helped the rookies become well-rounded players and, ultimately, men.
  • Upshall’s podcasting experience.
  • Playing for some of the best coaches in the league.

If you're the type of podcast listener who likes to multitask, here are some of the best bits with timestamps to keep you on track.

The Best Bits:

  1.     The fellas discuss the ways of the podcasting world [6:30]
  2.     Upshall’s hockey career and love for the city of Nashville [10:40]
  3.     Getting the chance to play in the NHL with his best friends [17:25]
  4.     Those wild rookie dinners [23:48]
  5.     A few party stories with Carter, Hartnell, and Lupul [31:00]
  6.     Playing for Wayne Gretzky while with the Coyotes [42:19]
  7.     How the “Missin’ Curfew” Podcast came to be [50:15]
  8.     Obe crashing the podcast to tell a fun story [55:15]

Striking Quotes:

“We just traded for Joffrey Lupul, and you’re like what I’m sitting with him right now. We are on the beach.”


“What does playing sideways mean Hitch [Ken Hitchcock]?!”


“There were literally 12 new guys traded to the Phoenix Coyotes that day, and I’m like holy s***, I don’t even know if I’m going to play.”


“She goes, I can’t hook up with you; I came here to hook up with one of the Flyers -I have a boyfriend.”

Listen to Scottie “Updogg” Upshall discuss some of his most memorable NHL moments, relive his party days in the league, and share a few entertaining off the bench stories. Don’t miss episode #50 of Nasty Knuckles!

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